New York Post sports writers share their memories of Post photographer Anthony J. Causi, who died at age 48 on Sunday because of the coronavirus.

Marc Berman

Carmelo Anthony had gone dark the summer of 2014 after the Knicks missed the playoffs for the first time since 2009-10.

I got a tip Melo had arranged an 11 a.m. pickup game at a midtown gym on Aug. 14 with a bunch of NBAers, including Knicks teammates J.R. Smith and Cleanthony Early plus Kemba Walker, Lance Stephenson and former Knick David Lee.

Of course, our Anthony Causi was not going to take any chances. Causi showed up at 8 a.m., on the sidewalk in front of the Manhattan gym, emailing me: “Where are you?”

I was heading out on summer vacation, but responded that our reporter would be there closer to 11. I told Causi to have a nice little breakfast on The Post while waiting for Melo’s guys to show.

Causi responded: “I’m a grunt. I don’t do nice little breakfasts.’’

Causi waited that whole time on the sidewalk before Anthony and his guys showed up more than three hours later — and, of course, he got his exclusive shots.

Mark Cannizzaro

I loved being on the road with Anthony on assignment. Two things were guaranteed: There would be laughs … and good meals.

My favorite times came when the Jets were training in 2009 and 2010 in Cortland, N.Y., which is 25 minutes away from Ithaca, where I went to college. I immediately scouted out some good food spots in Ithaca and we landed at Maxie’s Supper Club and Oyster Bar, a cool place with great food, friendly staff, good music and a laid-back vibe.

It became an instant favorite of ours. That one night turned into two and then three and before you knew it, thanks in large part to Anthony’s warm, larger-than-life personality, we were friends with the bartenders and the owner. We went back multiple times in 2009 and again 2010, and almost every time I saw Anthony, we would reminisce about Maxie’s, rave about the food and wonder if the place was still surviving and thriving.

Maxie’s is still open, and I wish so much that I could take Anthony back there this summer.

Ken Davidoff

I can’t help but wonder whether Anthony Causi ever felt, in his 48-plus years inhabiting this planet, like a fish out of water.