Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have mind-blowing astrological chemistry

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have mind-blowing astrological chemistry

The world loves the royals — especially when there’s some drama going down, and the royals in question may lose their titles!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have captivated the world, polarizing the media and the global population, ever since he realized she was “the one.” After meeting over a blind date in 2016, their romance has been on the fast track to become one of the most talked about love stories in the world.

Following a shocking decision to distance themselves from the royal family and make the leap to Hollywood, the two have begun to forge a whole new path for themselves that now includes two shining children, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor and Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor. (How’s that for a mouthful when they’ve grown and are down for a scolding?)

While some worry that the union may not last forever and that Harry is cast beneath the “Markle Sparkle,” what’s the truth beneath it all? Good thing I’m a pop-culture astrologer and can see how their stars align!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle being fabulous.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were meant to meet and be together.
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Prince Harry’s birth chart shows he is strong and always likes to get his way

Prince Harry was born on Sept. 15, 1984. This makes him a practical Virgo Sun with a grounded Taurus Moon. To be honest, much of his birth chart is in Earth signs, meaning that he is strong-willed, focused and matter-of-fact. Well, as much as a royal can be! He doesn’t like to be controlled, and while he certainly values tradition, he is also especially strategic to build a legacy that he, himself, is in charge of. He is slow to make changes, so even if people think that he has suddenly gone in a shocking direction, this has been a long-time coming because, in truth, he is not a very impulsive individual.

He is pragmatic, intelligent and understands that in order to get what he wants, he may need to plod forward carefully. On further analysis of his planets, there’s an overall ease and grace to his personality. He’s lively without having to be over the top and is an optimistic, affectionate and charming human being. There can be a restless nature beneath him sometimes, but for the most part, he can remain centered and civil no matter where he is.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are dressed to impress
The duo bring a new meaning to power couple.
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Meghan Markle’s birth chart shows she’s a people person and has always been popular

Markle was born on August 4, 1981. This makes her a fiery Leo Sun with a charming Libra Moon. Her chart is mostly composed of Fire and Air elemental energy, which makes her passionate, vibrant and poised. In fact, Libra energy is extremely common in her chart, which makes her especially social and likeable. With a blend of strong Leo and Libra placements, this is what gives her a very special star power or “Markle Sparkle,” if you will.

Her popularity is further emphasized by the planetary aspects in her birth chart, bringing her an enchanting quality that is soft and magnetic, rather than over-the-top. She has a natural optimism that radiates from her helping her to be disarming to people, making it very hard for people to not like her when she meets them. It’s not an act—she is genuinely a bright and sweet person with a lovely personality, meaning that she was meant to be star. One especially rare alignment is taking place in her birth chart, too, that of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. This is an extremely powerful gift from the Heavens, as it can bring royalty and power, especially because the rest of her planets are linked to it in a way that amplifies her luck and poise.

Are Prince Harry and Megan Markle astrologically compatible?

Moment of truth: is this a match made in Heaven? You sure bet it is. In fact, these two are so aligned, I can see why they met, fell in love and realized this is “the one.” In many ways, their charts mirror one another, which shows that they’re stronger together as a team. Sure, they were great on their own, but when you’re with the right person, everything else in life just sort of clicks. My compatibility rating for them is 9 out of 10.

The funny thing about their compatibility is that you don’t often think of a Virgo Sun and Leo Sun as being so compatible. But it’s more than that, particularly the way that their planets link—as well as how their Ascendants (or Rising Signs) match so perfectly. I don’t often trust birth times that are listed online unless a celebrity is personally texting it to me, but theirs feels a bit more accurate considering Harry is, you know, a Royal and all. Harry is a Capricorn Rising, whereas Meghan is a Cancer Rising. This is why they have such a yin-yang rapport going on. They can balance and reflect each other, while still being true to their own individuality. Oh, and the romantic sizzle plus the long-term stability needed to last forever are present, so this union could definitely stick. Of course we all have free will, but I truly think that as long as they keep making their relationship a top priority, they’ll remain a team forever.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle family
The happy family celebrate a whole new chapter.
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What lies ahead for Prince Harry and Megan Markle?

Now let’s dive into my predictions for these two, shall we? First off, 2022 is going to be an important year for the two because there’s a strong focus on growing closer with their children and sharing true happiness around their domestic life. I love this for them because family will be the cornerstone of how they build their newfound legacy. There will also be a strong focus around home and real estate in 2022, as well, meaning that as much as I see them keeping themselves firmly planted in one or two places, I think they may also consider setting up shop across a few different locations, too. This will give them a change of pace if they need it.

Spotlights upon the world stage also will be present in 2022, especially in the media, but there are a few different influences this year that could cause Harry and Meghan to feel 2022 is unique. On one hand, Harry will feel more synergy within his partnerships this year, but Markle may feel more of the weight of the world. Jupiter is dancing across the sky from Harry, bringing him happiness and pleasure in relationships, but Saturn is opposing Markle directly in 2022 and 2023.

Thus she could suffer some mental or physical health difficulties or feel her energy is more weakened than normal. She could also feel that she’s being more distant in her partnerships, but the key to solving this is that she needs to speak up. If she does, she’ll get the love, support and aid that she needs. Saturn will also venture across the sky for Harry from 2023 until 2026, causing some challenges for his energy, health and partnerships during that time, too. Now, I’m not saying the two won’t make it through; in fact, I’m saying that as long as they work together, once they get through that, they’ll be stronger than ever before.

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