Questions Linger in Joe Biden Assault Allegation in New Monmouth Poll

Questions Linger in Joe Biden Assault Allegation in New Monmouth Poll

Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s lead over President Trump is growing nationwide, but questions about an alleged assault continue to linger, according to a Monmouth University poll released Wednesday. It is the first major national survey to ask voters about the sexual-assault allegations against the former vice president.

All told, 50 percent of voters said they would vote for Mr. Biden in a head-to-head matchup, and 41 percent said they would vote for Mr. Trump. In an April Monmouth poll, Mr. Biden led the president by just four points; in March, he led by three.

After Mr. Biden publicly denied Tara Reade’s accusation last Friday, Monmouth added a question to the poll already in progress, asking whether voters thought the allegation was true. Thirty-seven percent said it was likely credible, 32 percent said it was probably not true, and 31 percent had no opinion.

By two-to-one, independent voters were more likely to say it was true (43 percent) than to say it wasn’t (22 percent).

Mr. Biden was still seen more favorably overall than Mr. Trump: 41 percent of voters saw him favorably, while 44 percent saw him unfavorably. The president was seen positively by just 40 percent of voters, and negatively by 53 percent.

In a hypothetical three-way race with Justin Amash, a candidate for the Libertarian primary election, on the ballot, Mr. Biden still led Mr. Trump — but by seven points, not by nine. Mr. Amash, an independent congressman from Michigan, about whom 81 percent of voters still said they had no opinion, commanded 5 percent in that matchup, including 10 percent of independents.

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