Racist Trump Defends Using ‘Chinese Virus’ to Describe Coronavirus Pandemic

Racist Trump Defends Using ‘Chinese Virus’ to Describe Coronavirus Pandemic

In tweets and public statements, the president of the United States is using racist language to describe the coronavirus, calling it the “Chinese virus.” The demagogy and scapegoating of foreigners is familiar. What’s new is that Trump is using this tactic to deflect from his own glaring failures to prepare the country and his administration for this pandemic, which now threatens to overwhelm American hospitals as it also brings the economy to a halt.

The novel coronavirus has become a worldwide pandemic. While the virus was first observed in Wuhan, China, in mid December, it has since spread across the globe and is hitting Italy the hardest.

Public health officials have long inveighed against linking a disease to the population where it first surfaces. It not only stigmatizes the first victims, it can slow effective global response. We have a dark history of this in America, where HIV was for long maligned as a “gay plague,” and the world delayed responding to the crisis for years, ultimately costing millions of lives.

The World Health Organization has adopted neutral language to describe this outbreak (the novel coronavirus, which causes COVID-19 disease) and its leadership has spoken out strongly about not stigmatizing the virus by its country of origin. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom went so far as to call stigma “more dangerous than the virus itself,” while encouraging the world to stand in “unison” to defeat the pandemic.

That warning has fallen on deaf ears in the White House.

The president — who has repeatedly misled Americans about the seriousness of the disease, likening it to the common flu, and going so far to label it a “hoax” — is under fire for endangering the lives of millions with his delayed response and the administration’s continued inability to roll out widespread testing.

On Monday, the president began his campaign to re-brand the virus with a nasty nickname, as though coronavirus were one of his political opponents:

Trump has used the term in at least four separate tweets since then. (The president was not the first GOP politician in Washington to resort to this kind of demagoguery. Others had used the term the “Wuhan Virus“; Trump seems to have simplified the scapegoating by applying it to the entire country.)

To no one’s shock, White House officials have allegedly taken this racism further, according to a reporter tasked with covering this administration:

In a press conference on Wednesday, the president explicitly defended his use of the term “Chinese virus” and declined to condemn the alleged use of the term “Kung-Flu.”

ABC news reporter Cecilia Vega cited incidents of bias and violence against Asian Americans in this time of heightened fear, and asked the president why he’s persisted in calling the coronavirus by a name “a lot of people say is racist,” when members of his own cabinet have spoken out against the behavior.

Trump responded: “It’s not racist at all, no not at all. It comes from China, that’s why.” Trump then floated an odd explanation that China had, perhaps, tried to blame the outbreak of the virus on American soldiers, and that he was trying to set the record straight.

Later in the press conference PBS Newshour reporter Yamiche Alcindor asked Trump about the alleged use of the term “Kung-Flu.” Trump did not speak against it, and instead doubled down on his description of the virus, saying “It comes from China.”

These is a combustible moment. The economy is in freefall. The American public is on lockdown. Instead of providing leadership, imploring us each to look out for one another, the president is trying to cover for his own failings by playing stoking racism. He’s playing with fire.

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