Rebecca Romijn Cuts Jerry O’Connell’s Hair In Hilarious Video: ‘Just Like The Salon’ — Watch

Rebecca Romijn Cuts Jerry O’Connell’s Hair In Hilarious Video: ‘Just Like The Salon’ — Watch

Quarantine mane no more. Jerry O’Connell got a ‘professional’ trim and dye job by wife Rebecca Romijn on CBS’ ‘Haircut Night In America’ and the entire thing was hysterical.

Three months into quarantine, Jerry O’Connell, 46, was in desperate need of his barber! With salons in Los Angeles still closed, it turns out that his wife Rebecca Romijn, 47, was up for the challenge with a little virtual help from celeb hairstylist Davy Newkirk. “Here we go, we’re gonna go over here,” Jerry announced in a clip from CBS’ Haircut Night In America special as he made his way over to a spacious kitchen sink. Rebecca was gloved up and ready to go, but the impromptu salon appointment wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. “I think I maybe should have turned this way, it’s just sort of — all over my face,” Jerry hilariously said as Rebecca scrubbed away.

“I just got it in my eyes. I have a lot of hair dye in my eyes, yeah,” the Scream 2 actor continued while a concerned Davy watched via Zoom. “It won’t blind you, though!” Davy — who has worked with celebs like Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Alba — reassured him. “I think you got it, he looks like a newborn that just took a bath for the first time! It’s so cute!” the hair guru said as Rebecca quipped,  “Just like the salon, Jerry!”

The fun didn’t stop there, as Jerry also tried his hand at dying Rebecca’s hair (which was enough to give every woman in America a heart attack). Guided along by her personal stylist, Jerry was a little cavalier when it came to watching the clock. “I’ve stopped breathing,” Rebecca announced as Jerry confirmed there was another minute to go.

“Now that’s clear, put it all over her ends!…Make sure you’re getting it on her ends,” the stylist instructed as Jerry began to dilly-dally while thinking of post-quarantine life. “Jerry, stop talking and work!…Hurry!” the stylist exclaimed in the stressful clip.

The celebrity couple teamed up to host the comedic virtual special once they saw Americans from coast-to-coast sharing their at-home hair disasters! “Crazy times we’re living in…one problem has grown so out of control, we had to intervene,” he announced in a promo for the special. “We decided we were going to do America a service. We’re bringing on some of our celebrity friends…our celebrities will be joined by their own stylists to walk them and you through getting a family member to cut and color your hair,” Rebecca added, going on to note that “red-head iconLindsay Lohan, Kelly Osbourne, Lindsey Vonn and P.K. Subban would also be joining in on the fun.

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