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Google is set to announce at least two new smartwatches with the launch of Android Wear 2.0 next month, which includes the LG Watch Style. According to a new report out of Android Police, the LG Watch Style is going to start at about $249. That’s actually cheaper than most smartwatches started out at in the past few years, although it could still be a bit more than what most people are willing to pay. The LG Watch Style is one of two smartwatches that have been rumored lately, along with the LG Watch Sport, that Google has been working with LG on for the launch of Android Wear 2.0. Currently Android Wear 2.0 is set to launch on February 9th, according to the rumor mill.

This same report also notes that the LG Watch Style could see a higher price with different add ons and such. For instance, if you want a different casing or band, you could see the pricing go up. This is common with smartwatches, as not one size fits all, essentially. There was no word on what the LG Watch Sport is going to cost, but considering the fact that it does have LTE and NFC, while the LG Watch Style does not, it’ll likely have a higher price tag. The report speculates that it could be about $100 more than the LG Watch Style, but of course, these prices are not confirmation, and should be taken with a grain of salt until Google and/or LG makes them official, which should be sooner rather than later.

Last year, Google announced Android Wear 2.0 as a huge update to their wearable platform. It was actually due to launch before the end of 2016, but Google ended up delaying the launch until the first quarter of 2017 for unknown reasons. This could be due to the software, or perhaps the hardware not quite being ready to go. Google has confirmed it will launch “next month” when it rolled out the fifth and final preview earlier this week. However the rumor mill is still pointing to a February 9th launch, which is less than two weeks away.

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