‘RHOBH’: Denise Richards On Why She Was ‘Surprised’ By Fan Reaction To Drama With Brandi Glanville

‘RHOBH’: Denise Richards On Why She Was ‘Surprised’ By Fan Reaction To Drama With Brandi Glanville

‘RHOBH’ star Denise Richards spoke to HollywoodLife exclusively about her thoughts on the fan reaction to the show’s season 10 premiere.

Denise Richards revealed she was surprised by the reaction to the season 10 premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The 49-year-old spoke to HollywoodLife exclusively amid her rumored hook-up with former RHOBH star Brandi Glanville, 47, which has made plenty of headlines, mainly thanks to Brandi stoking the story. “I just wasn’t expecting the response for people to be so intrigued to watch it or excited by the ending,” she said of the reality show’s latest episode. “Like I said, I had no idea the response to that would turn into all those memes and be everywhere. Everyone who knows me knows that I raise my eyebrows a lot,” she added.

“It’s a fun show and it’s entertainment and I think it’s a great time for it to premiere with everyone home and dealing with stuff very serious and hopefully we can bring some light and fun to someone’s lives watching each week. It was a different season for me, but I was still excited to be a part of the show and I didn’t quit despite what has been out there,” she laughed. “I’m still on the show.” That she is! Despite rumors that she wasn’t planning on attending the RHOBH reunion episode, Denise set the record straight.

“The only people who’ve said that I’m not going to the reunion are some of the ladies on the show and they never asked me if I was going or not,” Denise told us. “I’m planning on going if we still have [it]. I don’t know how we’re going to be doing the reunion now. Maybe things will be lifted and we’ll be able to do it, even if it’s on Zoom. But I never said that I wasn’t going to be there. They’re the ones that are saying that,” she continued.

As for how that makes the former Bond Girl feel, “I look at things a little differently. I personally would’ve loved for everything to be played out on the show. We were filming for quite a few months together and why reveal storylines that have been in the media even before it aired?” Denise explained. As for whether or not she’ll be back for season 11 of RHOBH, it’s not up to her. Denise says, “No one knows who’s going to be back next season. They have to ask us to come back. I never said I quit the show. And Bravo knows that!”

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