‘sMothered’ recap: Divorces and colon cleanses with mommy

‘sMothered’ recap: Divorces and colon cleanses with mommy

TLC’s “sMothered,” now in its second season co-produced by The Post, features the wild adventures of six pairs of mothers and daughters with bonds that are a bit too tight.

Among the devoted duos are Mary and Brittani, who shower together; Dawn and Cher, who dress like twins; and Kathy and Cristina, who say they are each other’s “husbands.”

Tension heats up in the second episode, as the bonds create problems with other people in their lives.

Here’s our recap of Season 2’s second episode, “If Mom Can Do it, I Can Too,” which aired Sunday at 10 p.m.

Mary and Brittani


Floridians Mary, 55, and Brittani, 19, still take showers together — even though Brittani is an adult. While Season 2’s first episode introduced conflict in the form of Mary’s sort-of husband, Frank, whom Brittani disapproves of, the second episode sees the two get a mother-daughter colon-cleanse in preparation for a party Mary is throwing for Brittani.

Brittani is skeptical about the process since Mary describes it as, “They kind of stick a tube up your butt.” But Mary convinces her. “Mary and Brittani are the first mother and daughter I have seen holding hands while they are getting colonics,” the colon cleanse technician tells the camera, looking at it like a deadpan Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) in “The Office.”

Mary also helps Brittani insert hers, while the technician dryly remarks, “The most common way people insert the nozzle is it’s self-inserted.”

Dawn and Cher


While New Yorkers Dawn, 59, and Cher, 29, did not appear in the Season 2 premiere, the two were in Season 1 (and Cher appeared on MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16” in 2007). Their Season 2 conflict becomes clear right away. Cher is eight months pregnant with a girl, and she and her husband, Jared, agreed to do an epidural. Dawn convinces Cher that natural birth is the way to go, since that’s the way she did it.

Jared, 29, who’s a doctor, is frustrated that Cher changed her mind.

“I’m a little concerned this is something you’re being talked into and not totally your own decision,” he says. “I don’t think giving birth the exact same way as your mom is something that needs to be in your bucket list.”

Marcia and Alena


Marcia, 68, and Alena, 21, a new pair to Season 2, were introduced in the first episode with their face-licking morning ritual. Here, “sMothered” shows their routine in which Alena, who has a rare enzyme disorder, needs a five-hour treatment each week. When the nurse comes to their home with her medicine, they kiss it. It’s part of their ritual because, as Marcia says, “I was so relieved and grateful” that treatment is available to help Alena.

Kathy and Cristina


Chicagoans Kathy, 61, and Cristina, 35, continue to clash with Cristina’s husband, Carlo, who looks like he’s fresh off a “Jersey Shore” casting call. In Season 2’s first episode, Kathy and Cristina made plans for Cristina and her family (which consists of three kids and Carlo) to move in with Kathy for a few months while Cristina’s house gets renovated. The problem? Getting Carlo on board.

Tension bubbles over when mother and daughter visit Carlo at his gym, where he does three-hour workouts and doesn’t like to be interrupted. Cristina knows this and tries to tell her mom it’s a bad idea, but Kathy insists. Needless to say, it doesn’t go over well.

“You know the rules — this is my time!” he says when they find him. His gym friend, Kimmy, backs him up. “I can’t believe they showed up and tried to have a conversation with him,” she tells the camera. “His gym is extremely important to him. It’s like his baby. Don’t get in between Carlo and the gym.”

They don’t reach a conclusion about whether or not Cristina and Carlo are moving in with Kathy, but Kathy insists that she always gets her way because she is the “queen, the Don, and the head banana,” while Carlo fires back that he is the “king.”

Sunhe and Angelica


The bathwater-sharing duo Sunhe, 52, and Angelica, 32, are back from Season 1. The first episode of Season 2 set up their conflict with Angelica’s fiancé, Jason. He’s not divorced from his ex, so Sunhe thinks he’s not good enough for her daughter.

In this episode, Sunhe insists that she and Angelica both go watch Jason and his wife sign their divorce papers once and for all. Angelica tells the camera that her mom pressured her into this. “I would actually prefer not being here,” she says.

Sure enough, the situation turns awkward — fast. When Jason’s wife, Vivianna, shows up, she’s shocked to see Sunhe and Angelica there. “I think [signing divorce papers] is something very personal. It’s weird that Angelica and her mom were in the meeting,” she says.

When Sunhe grills Vivianna about why she and Jason still share a bank account and whether she still loves him, the truth comes out: she does still love him. “Whoop his ass,” Sunhe mutters to Angelica.

Looks like “sMothered” might be taking a “Real Housewives” turn.

“sMothered” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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