Stormi Webster, 2, Shows Off Her Messy T-Shirt After Dinner & Rocks Bedazzled Monogram Sunglasses

Stormi Webster, 2, Shows Off Her Messy T-Shirt After Dinner & Rocks Bedazzled Monogram Sunglasses

Kylie Jenner teased her daughter, Stormi Webster, for going ‘crazy’ during dinner time — the evidence was right on the adorable toddler’s T-shirt! Stormi didn’t seem to mind, who was rocking sassy shades.

Who needs table manners when you’ve got the fiercest fits! Kylie Jenner, 22, couldn’t help but poke fun at her daughter Stormi Webster, 2, who was repping her mom’s merch (a Kylie Skin T-shirt) inside out with stains! “Stormi, your T-shirt,” Kylie said in an Instagram video of Stormi, which she shared to her Instagram Story on April 23. Kylie was clearly amused, because she continued, “What did you do for dinner time? You went crazy!”

Stormi paid no mind — she’s a little fashionista, whether or not her T-shirt has evidence of her dinner! The little one rocked sassy cateye glasses that spelled out “STORMI” in sparkly rhinestones and “S” monogram earrings. As an extra touch, the toddler rocked a headband with puffballs in her hair. Stormi clenched a stick of Peppermint Cobalt 5 Gum and excitedly spoke in baby talk while Kylie filmed her mini me. Loves food and fashion — Stormi’s a relatable gal!

Stormi has been quarantining with Kylie, but the rising superstar is making all kinds of appearances on her parents’ social media! The stylish toddler also popped in to say “hello” — and then, “bye” — during Travis Scott’s Fortnite live stream on April 23.

Although Stormi has been spending time with both her parents amid California’s shelter-in-place order, Kylie and Travis have not had a romantic reunion. It’s a bit complicated!

“Kylie and Travis are still in the same space they have been in for the last few months. Trying to figure out co-parenting and trying to see if there is anything more there for them both romantically,” a source EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. “It is a slippery slope to say the least, and every day provides a different turn in the story. It seems some days they want to be friends and parents and the next day they want to be more. They don’t know really how much they want to take things and are dealing with the process day in and day out.” No matter what’s happening between the exes, it’s apparent that they always prioritize Stormi’s happiness — just look at that smile above!

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