‘Summer House’ Preview: Hannah Accuses Lindsay Of Lying During Blowout At Her Birthday Party

‘Summer House’ Preview: Hannah Accuses Lindsay Of Lying During Blowout At Her Birthday Party

Drama ensues at Lindsay Hubbard’s birthday party in a sneak preview of tonight’s episode of ‘Summer House!’

As the Summer House crew prepares for a night of fun to celebrate Lindsay Hubbard‘s birthday, the girls get into it after drama was stirred up between Paige DeSorbo and Hannah Berner. In an EXCLUSIVE preview of tonight’s episode, we see Lindsay, Paige, Hannah, Amanda Batula and Danielle Oliveira go back and forth about what went down the night before. “So I am just confused, why did you guys want Hannah to come to me and Amanda?” Paige questions Lindsay, while the girls are all dressed up in their festive ’20s garb. “Because Hannah’s been venting to me, because you guys — believe it or not –” Lindsay begins and Amanda chimes in, “Are a clique!”

“I’ve never been in a clique in my entire life, I’m certainly not going to start it at 26 years old in a share house,” Paige responds and Lindsay claps back saying, “Well then talk to your f*cking best friend then. “I talk to her every single day. You created an entire fake story last night for me to fight with Hannah. You sat in the kitchen and said ‘Hannah thinks you’re entitled,’” Paige says, referring to the evening before when Lindsay confronted Paige about her treatment of Hannah. “Why am I getting attacked? What the f*ck did I do wrong?” Linds replies, trying to walk away. “Because you created an entire fake story to tell me last night!” Paige says.

“Hurricane Hubbard. She’s created this crazy story to get me mad at Hannah. You want Hannah in your clique — that’s what it comes down to.” – Paige goes off in her confessional. Back in the house, Lindsay asks the girls to not start drama on her birthday, and Amanda chimes in, reminding Lindsay her birthday is tomorrow. “You start drama all the time! And tomorrow’s your birthday… this is just your party,” she says.  Yikes!

Hannah finally speaks up after sitting and watching this all go down in front of her, despite the drama concerning how she apparently feels. “We could’ve gotten into a huge fight! Because Lindsay said I was talking about her saying I think she’s entitled…” Hannah begins, “And that I have opinions I shouldn’t have!” Paige pipes in.

“I used the wrong word…” Lindsay begins, before Hannah interrupts her and says, “No, you didn’t use the wrong word, you lied.” OMG, drama. You don’t want to miss a minute of it tonight and every Wednesday at 9 PM ET on Summer House on Bravo!

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