Teresa Giudice ‘Thrilled’ With New Breast Implants: She Wanted To Look ‘Nice & Fresh’, Doctor Says

Teresa Giudice ‘Thrilled’ With New Breast Implants: She Wanted To Look ‘Nice & Fresh’, Doctor Says

Teresa Giudice showed off new breast implants on Instagram on Jan. 28 and her plastic surgeon gave HL exclusive details about giving the ‘RHONJ’ star her dream body!

Teresa Giudice, 47, revealed she had her breasts redone and proudly promoted her plastic surgeon who she declared “was amazing, and so professional”. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star shared an Instagram photo of herself on Jan. 28 in a plush grey robe while gushing over her new assets, all thanks to Dr. Aviva Preminger, celebrity plastic surgeon. HollywoodLife dished EXCLUSIVELY with Dr. Preminger about Teresa’s results and how “thrilled” she is about the work she had done. “Oh, she was thrilled. It was actually very cute because she came into my office post-op and said, ‘I’m super happy. I’m going to post it on Instagram.’ And I said, ‘Oh, cool. Thank you,” she confessed.

“I think she looks beautiful and I think that at the end of the day all of this stuff is about maintenance,” Dr. Preminger added. “She says that all the time about keeping her look looking nice and fresh, and she looks fantastic. I mean, she really, really does.” We asked Dr. Preminger to explain why Teresa decided to have the procedure. “When someone’s had implants in place for a while there’s maintenance that needs to be done. And sometimes the implants aren’t quite sitting in the position you want them in,” she pointed out. “With time, you want a little more or less volume. I think that what happened with Teresa was that some of those changes happened with time. And she looks great, and she wants to keep looking great. And so, she came to me basically wanting some subtle changes and improvements in the way her implants looked and the position of the implants in particular. I was able to address that for her, which was great. She was super happy, which is nice.”

As for the actual procedure, Dr. Preminger described: “I put in new implants and the implants that I used were silicone implants. I think that they have a lot of very natural feeling silicone gel implants available now to us, which is great. They look much more natural, and they feel much more natural, which is really nice. I think another thing about changing out the implants is in terms of safety and maintenance. And then internally I used some techniques to make sure that the implants were sitting where she wanted them to be sitting.”

Dr. Preminger said Teresa’s recovery went “great” and added, “I would say this, number one, breast implant surgery and breast surgery in general, of all the stuff that I do, is not particularly painful, relative to some other stuff. I’m able to do it through a relatively small incision, and any lifting I did in her was all internal actually. She didn’t have any extra scarring or anything like that to recover from, which is nice. What I usually say for something like this, particularly on a second round procedure, and particularly if we’re trying to make sure the implants stay in the right position, I really tell the patients I don’t want them back in the gym doing vigorous exercise or heavy lifting for six weeks. But the actual immediate recovery, I mean, I think very shortly after, in less than two weeks, she was shooting [RHONJ] and she did great.

“She’s a trooper, she’s a really lovely lady. She doesn’t complain. In my office she was really, very much a good patient and she was like anyone else. She followed her post-op instructions, and she did really well,” Dr. Preminger said.

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