Texas Gov. Abbott to solicit public donations for border wall

Texas Gov. Abbott to solicit public donations for border wall

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Tuesday that his office will solicit public donations to provide funding for his planned border wall in the state.

Abbott said he plans to provide further details about the wall project later this week. The Texas governor has unveiled a slew of actions in recent days aimed at curbing a migrant crisis that has strained capacity at immigration facilities near the southern border.

“I will also be providing a link that you can click on and go to, for everybody in the United States, everybody in the entire world who wants to help Texas build a border wall, there will be a place on there where they can contribute to Texas building the border wall,” Abbott said during an appearance on the conservative podcast “Ruthless.”

“They go to a fund in the state of Texas – not a private entity, not an individual,” he added. “They will be received by the state of Texas in the governor’s office, great transparency, everyone will know every penny in, every penny out. But the sole purpose of those funds will be going to build the border wall.”


Abbott first unveiled plans for the border wall at a wide-ranging press conference last week. The governor also established a task force to led the state’s response to the border crisis and approved the state legislature’s budget that included roughly $1 billion in funding toward border security measures.

The governor and other prominent Republicans have argued the Biden administration’s immigration policies, such as a repeal of the Trump administration’s Migrant Protection Protocols, also known as the “Remain in Mexico” policy, led to the immigration crisis. Biden officials have argued the president inherited a broken system and has worked to unwind inhumane policies.

Abbott noted the crisis has led to unsafe conditions for Texas residents living near the border.


“It’s a third-world country where these farmers and ranchers are living, with their lives on the line every single day,” Abbott said of the situation at the border. “And you know what? The Biden administration could care less about these people who are going through this tragedy. Somebody has to step up for these people.”

Abbott has yet to provide details on what he expects the border wall to cost. In January, President Biden issued an executive order suspending federal funding for the Trump-era wall along the southern border.

Biden’s executive order did not violate federal budget laws, the Government Accountability Office said Tuesday.