The Amy Klobuchar Exit Interview

The Amy Klobuchar Exit Interview

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Horse race political coverage is a derogatory term. Candidates dismiss it, as a means of showing they’re paying more attention to voters’ needs than the latest polls (usually when they’re down in them). Media critics often disingenuously ignore reporting on policy and governance yet pine for more of it as if it isn’t there.

Yet, like actual horse races, political ones change a lot. And covering the candidates who have fallen behind or burst ahead, and then taking time to ask why, is an important way of keeping up with what voters think — and can lead to insights about bigger issues.

That’s been the focus of most of the pieces here in Opinion after Super Tuesday. In his newsletter on Wednesday (sign up here), Frank Bruni took stock of Joe Biden’s big victories and reassessed his own priors: “He was too unsteady. Too old. Too yesterday. How could someone so oriented toward the past sufficiently inspire Americans who were looking to the future? Well, Biden inspired or at least appealed to enough voters yesterday to stage one of the most extraordinary political comebacks I’ve ever witnessed.”

And with Elizabeth Warren dropping out, Michelle Cottle’s column “Maybe Next Time, Ladies,” diagnosed the reasons “the most diverse presidential field in history” is down to “two straight white septuagenarian men fighting over the soul of the party — whatever that turns out to be.”

“It says something depressing about the challenges women candidates still confront in their quest to shatter the presidential glass ceiling,” Ms. Cottle wrote.

— Talmon Joseph Smith

Amy Klobuchar might have started her campaign in a snowstorm, but the new winter is no winter.

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