‘The Batman’ director Matt Reeves reveals first Batmobile photos

‘The Batman’ director Matt Reeves reveals first Batmobile photos

“The Batman” has his Batmobile.

Film director Matt Reeves, 53, took to Twitter Wednesday to give fans an early peek at the set of wheels that star Robert Pattinson, 33, will commandeer to battle crime in Gotham City.

Less dark and brooding than previous incarnations — Christian Bale’s Tumbler vehicles from the “Dark Knight” films were basically intimidating tanks — Batman’s new ride looks more like a souped-up 1960s Camaro than a vigilante’s oppressive wet dream.

In the stills, which appear to have been taken below an overpass on a dingy street at night, the vehicle sports sleek, winged rear wheel wells and, oddly, an exposed rear engine, which one snarky Twitter commenter suggested would be “great for deflecting bullets.” Maybe it’s just Bruce Wayne’s vacation rental?

Another commenter suggested — with an “Lmao” — that the new Batmobile could be mistaken for Dominic Toretto’s (Vin Diesel) Dodge Charger from “The Fast and the Furious” movies, and another poster suggested the movie should be called “The Bat and the Furious!!”

But, as with any enterprise, redesigning iconic comic imagery won’t always be smooth sailing. “Now people will complain that the car is too ‘Mad Maxy,’ ” said another commenter, adding, “In other words, you can’t satisfy everybody.”

The photos also gave fans other glimpses of Batman’s Batsuit, already leaked online via set photos in Scotland and a short, dark video partially revealing Pattinson in a hood, cape and the signature chest logo.

The film will also feature Zoë Kravitz, 31, as Catwoman and Colin Farrell, 43, as the Penguin.

The latest franchise installment is expected to be released on June 25, 2021.

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