‘The Crown’ Season 4 teaser unfurls Diana’s less-than-royal romance

‘The Crown’ Season 4 teaser unfurls Diana’s less-than-royal romance

“The Crown” is quickly getting tarnished.

Netflix has kicked up some highly anticipated drama in a teaser for the upcoming Season 4 of the series, in which pomp and circumstance mix with rage and contention. The season, clocking in with 10 episodes, will premiere Nov. 15 on Netflix.

Emma Corrin, 24, is an uncanny lookalike for Diana, the Princess of Wales — right down to her famous tousled hairstyle — as she and Prince Charles (30-year-old actor Josh O’Connor) go through glimmering courtship, a public wedding for the ages and, ultimately, a spectacular separation in the shadow of Kensington Palace.

The nearly two-minute clip is propelled by an ominous soundtrack and kicks off with a narrator who intones, “Here is the stuff of which fairy tales are made.” However, there won’t be a storybook ending, as smiles and laughs segue to arguments and pinched expressions while the royal family lives out, in the narrator’s words, “life’s splendors and miseries, achievements and setbacks.”

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