The Return to School

, and asked how your life has changed during the pandemic. One reader wrote in telling us about her experience as an American in Sydney who has no access to government assistance, and is struggling with anxiety and issues with her landlord. And yet:

Not all sour is bad. In fact, I’m a sucker for sour candy — or lollies as they call them down under. COVID forced us all to stay home, and in my case this forced me to see the beauty in my home.

All of a sudden our greatest friends and supporters became our neighbors. Our friendly six-year-old neighbor has been our new best friend, joining us for pancake parties in our front garden and roasting marshmallows.

Toby, our neighbor’s dog, has also been part of our recent circle of close friends. He is one of the coolest and calmest dogs I know, a great addition to the isolation pack. Reaching out to friends and simply saying “how are you” has become the norm, and it truly feels nice when others are brutally honest and say how they feel, even if it is pretty or not.

— Carolina Luna

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