Tim Tebow’s quarantine workout is different — and still insane

Tim Tebow’s quarantine workout is different — and still insane

Tim Tebow is definitely not skipping arm day, even with baseball halted midway through spring training.

One thing professional athletes understand more than anyone is the importance of keeping their bodies conditioned, which can especially be challenging with gyms closed and adhering to social distancing guidelines.

The Mets’ minor league outfielder posted a series of videos to Instagram on Wednesday detailing how he is staying swole.

“Just wanted to share this workout. I know so many of the gyms are closed right now, but I thought this push/pull could still be valuable,” Tebow wrote. “One of my next goals is to share a workout you guys can do at home.”

The 32-year-old former Heisman Trophy-winner describes six upper-body exercises in the post’s caption that he calls a “push-pull: three pushing exercises and three pulling exercises.”

The workout consists of dumbbell bench presses, bent over dumbbell rows, incline dumbbell presses with rotation, neutral grip pulldowns, decline dumbbell bench press, and bent-over dumbbell elbowing rows.

“With baseball getting postponed ’til who knows when, I’m going a little bit heavier to maintain some strength and power, maybe even gain a little bit during this time,” he said slightly short of breath at what appears to be his home gym setup.

Tebow showcases his impressive strength by demonstrating most of the exercises on video and some with still images with huge pairs of dumbbells, each ranging from 60 pounds to 140 pounds in weight.

Hopefully you have those handy at home.

Tebow was slated to start the season with Triple-A Syracuse before all levels of baseball were put on hold. With all major sports suspended indefinitely in response to the coronavirus pandemic, MLB executives are discussing a number of options to restart the season when feasible. 

Tebow hit a two-run homer against the Tigers in spring training on Feb. 25 before he was reassigned to the Mets’ Triple-A team, the Syracuse Mets, on March 6. He was set to compete in the qualifying round for the World Baseball Classic on behalf of the Philippines national baseball team, which has since been postponed.

Tebow was born in Makati, a region in the Philippines’ capital city of Manila where his parents served as missionaries for the Baptist Church.

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