Top Japanese Olympics official Kozo Tashima has coronavirus in ominous 2020 sign

Top Japanese Olympics official Kozo Tashima has coronavirus in ominous 2020 sign

Japanese officials have been insistent on still hosting the Olympics this summer despite the outbreak of a global pandemic.

Now the country’s Olympic committee deputy chief has the coronavirus.

Kozo Tashima announced Tuesday he has tested positive for coronavirus in an ominous development with regards to Japan hosting the Summer Games status quo in July.

“Today, my test result showed positive for the new coronavirus,” Tashima said in a statement through the Japan Football Association, of which he is also the head. “I have a mild fever. Examinations showed a symptom of pneumonia, but I’m fine. I will concentrate on treatment following doctors’ advice.”

The 62-year-old Tashima had been travelling since Feb. 28, to Belfast, Amsterdam and the United States, to try to land Japan another major event — the 2023 Women’s World Cup. He returned home on March 8 and then began to experience symptoms.

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“I have chosen to face the illness as so many people are doing in Japan and around the world,” Tashima said, hoping to get rid of the stigma surrounding the virus.

Coronavirus has suspended all sports across North America after devastating countries like China and Italy. The Summer Olympics appear to be in danger of being the biggest event canceled because of it, but organizers have been steadfast in holding out hope they can go on as planned.

“We’re making utmost efforts so that the IOC can be convinced that the Tokyo Games can be held safely,” Olympics Minister Seiko Hashimoto said earlier this month.

The Olympics have not been canceled since 1944, when the games were called off because of World War II.

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