Trump, Coronavirus, Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict: Your Tuesday Briefing

Trump, Coronavirus, Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict: Your Tuesday Briefing

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52 Places to Go, a special feature from The Times’s Travel section, traditionally draws on editors, reporters and contributors for recommendations on the most timely sights and delights on offer in the upcoming year. It’s our annual guide to the world’s most awe-inspiring destinations.

During the pandemic, travel, as we knew it, has changed.


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In that vein, our 52 Places list will be different in 2021. While we can’t know what lies ahead, we can still share the places we’ve loved, and continue to inspire curiosity, open-mindedness and awe for the wider world.

That’s why we’re turning to you for next year’s list, which we are calling 52 Places We Love. We want 52 love letters to travel, all penned and photographed by you, our readers around the world, each about one place in the world that is special to you. It can be a popular tourist destination, or a place that’s largely overlooked. You might inspire someone else to go there one day, or to reconsider their assumptions, or to spark their inquisitiveness about a new piece of the world — all the empowering things that travel brings to our lives.

You can submit your recommendation here.

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