Trump expected to pick Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court, report says

Trump expected to pick Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court, report says

President Donald Trump is expected to pick Amy Coney Barrett as his Supreme Court justice nominee, CNN is reporting, citing multiple senior Republican sources with knowledge of the process.

Barrett’s has been seen as a front-runner to fill the Supreme Court seat vacated by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She is a federal appellate judge who established herself as a reliable conservative on hot-button legal issues from abortion to gun control.

A devout Catholic Barrett’s is hailed by religious conservatives and others on the right as an ideological heir to conservative icon Antonin Scalia, the late Supreme Court justice for whom she clerked. Barrett met with Trump at the White House on Monday, according The Associated Press.

Liberals say Barrett’s legal views are too heavily influenced by her religious beliefs and fear her ascent to the nation’s highest court could lead to a scaling back of hard-fought abortion rights. She also would replace the justice who is best-known for fighting for women’s rights and equality.

President Donald Trump has said he’ll nominate a woman and is expected to announce his pick Saturday.

South Florida judge Barbara Lagoa was also considered a top candidate for Trump’s selection.

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