Tyson Fury gets why Deontay Wilder used bizarre excuse: ‘Always something’

Tyson Fury gets why Deontay Wilder used bizarre excuse: ‘Always something’

Tyson Fury says Deontay Wilder is just another boxer with an excuse for a loss.

While appearing on ITV’s “This Morning” Wednesday, Fury explained that he understood why Wilder, who suffered the first loss of his boxing career to Fury via TKO on Feb. 22, would choose to blame the entrance outfit he wore prior to the match.

“I can understand where he’s coming from because in every fighter’s mind, there’s always got to be a reason why they lost. It can never be the simple fact of, ‘I wasn’t good enough on the night and I lost to the better guy,” the 31-year-old Fury said. “It’s always got to be, ‘the camp was wrong, it was the trainer’s fault, it was the suit, it was my toe. It was always something’s a problem.”

Wilder told Yahoo Sports following the Las Vegas loss that the 40-pound outfit he wore during his walkout, which was in tribute to Black History month, tired his legs before he even began the match.

After receiving backlash for the excuse, things got worse for Wilder when an old clip resurfaced of the 34-year-old heavyweight talking about how he wears weighted vests during training to prepare him for fights.

“He said that he trains in a 45-pound weighted vest every day,” Fury said. “But, you know, I can understand where he’s coming from. With me, if I’m injured or whatever the problem is it’s like, ‘OK, the performance wasn’t great but I’m going to move on and crack on.”

The Fury-Wilder trilogy fight is expected to take place in July after Wilder exercised his rematch clause.

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