‘Walking Dead’ zombie actor Michael Mundy in jail over biting incident

‘Walking Dead’ zombie actor Michael Mundy in jail over biting incident

Here’s a case of life imitating art going terribly wrong.

American actor Michael Mundy, who played a flesh-eating zombie on AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” has been charged with assault after allegedly sinking his teeth into a British woman with whom he had been romantically linked.

Beverly Jackson, 41, and Mundy, 52, met when he flew to Liverpool for a horror convention meet-and-greet with franchise fans. She told The Sun that Mundy was charming at first, and promised to help her break into showbiz.

“I fell for him. Initially he was very charming and promised to help me get into films — but he became more and more abusive,” Jackson said.

The pair stayed in-touch through 2018, when Mundy asked if he could crash in Jackson’s spare room in Manchester. She claims the first attack occurred two years ago, in a hotel room in Germany.

“He hit me around the face, bit me on the hands, arm and back, kicked me and threw me out of the room,” Jackson, a mother of two, told the outlet.

In November of last year, Mundy was convicted of assault and jailed, and banned from attempting to contact Jackson. But upon his release after a short sentence, he breached his restraining order, and we sent back behind bars.

He’s due for release from HM Prison Liverpool later this year. Jackson, however, tells The Sun she fears he “won’t stop until I’m dead.”

Mundy appeared in “The Walking Dead” between 2011 and 2012, and has also acted in movies such as “Flight” with Denzel Washington.

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