Warren on dislike of Bloomberg: ‘It’s not personal, it’s just everything about him’

On the eve of Super Tuesday, Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live where she openly discussed her dislike for fellow candidate Mike Bloomberg. 

“It seems like you don’t like him that much,” Kimmel said of Bloomberg. “True,” Warren replied. “But it’s not personal, it’s just everything about him.”

Bloomberg, the billionaire former New York mayor, joined the race late and has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to gain traction. Warren went at him hard in his first time on the debate stage, and she spoke about why she is against his candidacy.

“Here’s this guy who makes a bazillion dollars and says well that must mean that he’s qualified to be president of the United States,” Warren said. “And then thinks he can run for president when he’s got a record of embracing racist policies, when he hides his taxes…”

For Warren, who prides herself on her grassroots mentality, Bloomberg’s candidacy represents a question about the identity of the Democratic Party.

“It raises this fundamental question,” Warren said. “Are we gonna be a Democratic Party where the only way you get to be the nominee is you either are a billionaire or you go spend 70 percent of your time sucking up to the billionaires?”

Over the last few days, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar both dropped out of the race and quickly endorsed Joe Biden, but for them, Warren struck a more conciliatory tone.

“I realize everybody sees this differently, and I’m somebody who’s just kind of not the same who’s in this race,” Warren said, adding, “I’m not somebody who looked in a mirror when I was 14 and said, ‘Mmm, future president.’ I’m somebody who looked in a mirror when I was seven and said, ‘Future public school teacher, yes!’”

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