Watch out for these coronavirus stimulus check scams

Watch out for these coronavirus stimulus check scams

Shameless scammers will try to steal coronavirus stimulus checks, according to federal officials, who say common sense precautions can stop them in their tracks.

Officials say con artists will try a wide range of schemes to bilk Americans out of the $1,200 payments the Trump administration has started delivering to help people shore up their pocketbooks during the pandemic.

“Scammers have no shame, and nothing — not even a global health crisis — is off limits,” Karen Hobbs, assistant director at the Federal Trade Commission’s Division of Consumer and Business Education, said in a recent blog post.

Taxpayers should look out for fishy checks, sketchy phone calls and people claiming they can speed up the process of getting a payment, federal officials say. Those scams should raise red flags because many Americans won’t have to take any action to get the money they’re entitled to under the $2.2 trillion stimulus bill Congress passed last month.

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