What It’s Like to Lose Someone to Covid-19?

What It’s Like to Lose Someone to Covid-19?

“Mom’s love for me was unconditional.

There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for me.

And there was nothing I wouldn’t do for her.

I bought this house for my mom.

I was tired of her moving around every two years.

We were living together here about a year

and a few months.

She would tell me sometimes,

‘Can you keep your music down today,

I got to take a test?’”

“Graduating class to the Morgan State University.”

“She received her degree in speech communication

on May 16, 2020.

Of course it was virtual, so we did it in the living room.

We did a whole photo shoot and we put all this stuff up

on the wall.

And she just had a ball.

That was

one of the most happiest days I’ve ever seen that lady.

She had reached a lifelong goal that

she had been talking about.

Just always said,

‘I’m going to get a degree.

It’s going to be the last thing I do.

I’m going to get a degree.’

And it was.

It was.

I thought my mom would die of old age, such

a faithful woman.

I just knew she would be on this earth

until she was old and gray.

On my mom’s death certificate it

says Covid.

So any time I hear that, I automatically go to her,

and I’m thinking about her.

It’s just, it’s a trigger.

The heaviness of grief is very unpredictable.

It comes out of nowhere.

There are a lot of reminders — just coming

home, being in here, this room that I’m in was hers.

The first few months,

I didn’t really touch anything up here.

I couldn’t — it was rough, smelling her scent,

just being in her dwelling.

Just walking in this house even now, sometimes …

… I hate it.

I hate that I bought this house.”

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