‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant becomes ‘Beacon of hope’ amidst coronavirus concerns

With a big smile and enthusiastic personality, Christian Dixie completely dominated Wheel of Fortune, Tuesday night. The Ball State freshman was part of College Week.

Christian has been a fan of the show since he was nine months old. In fact, he even wrote an article on the history of the show for his college digital newspaper, The Byte. Which is probably why Christian was so excited to be on the show, and his enthusiasm was infectious.

Host Pat Sajak thought Christian was both “happy” and “adorable.” And many, MANY, fans took to twitter to discuss how much his hand clapping and positivity meant to them, especially given the current global concerns over COVID-19.

Christian was also one of the most impressive players in recent memory. He ran two puzzles all by himself. He was so fast that, at one point after solving a puzzle, Pat said, “Apparently your Uber driver’s on the clock, and you have to [go].”

At times, Pat seemed bewildered by Christian’s impressive play. After Christian easily won the regular rounds, Pat said, “Should we bother with the [bonus] puzzle or do you just want to solve it?”

Amazingly, Christian did know the bonus puzzle before guessing any letters. So the letters he guessed were, of course, part of the solve, including a “w” and “v.” This amazed Pat even further, and after awarding Christian almost $69,000 in winnings, he just had to know more about his remarkable performance. Christian nonchalantly said he knew the second word was “ocean” and assumed the four-letter adjective was “wavy.” Pat sarcastically replied, “It’s as simple as that.”

Wheel of Fortune airs weekdays, visit the show site for local listings of time and channel.

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