Where are the Democratic and Republican conventions in 2020 being held?

Where are the Democratic and Republican conventions in 2020 being held?

The pomp and circumstance of the Democratic and Republican national conventions are just a few short months away, and while the Democratic nominee is still to be determined, the sites for the conventions are all set.

As with previous years, both parties have chosen key battleground states in the hopes that holding their big festivities there will sway voters to their ticket come November.

Below is a rundown of the information for the Democratic and Republican conventions this summer.

Democratic National Convention

  • Where: Milwaukee, Wis.
  • When: July 13-16
  • Why: Wisconsin is a perennial bellwether state and one that went to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election after the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, infamously failed to make a campaign stop there. Democrats hope to make up for this – and win back their crucial working-class, Midwest vote – by holding their convention in the state’s largest city this summer.

Republican National Convention

  • Where: Charlotte, N.C.
  • When: Aug. 24-27
  • Why: Much like Wisconsin, North Carolina is seen as a key battleground state – albeit one that Republicans have won every time but twice over the last two decades – and the GOP wants to make sure the state’s 15 electoral votes go to Trump. Easier said than done, however, as Democrats are heavily favored by the state’s large African-American population and former Vice President Joe Biden – if he wins the Democratic nomination – enjoys broad support in the Tar Heel State.

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