Why Do I Buy e-Today.US ???

Why Do I Buy e-Today.US ???

e-Today.US it’s long time registered domain by us – 3-www.net  and have it’s own daily target-visitors

If you ask your self OK it’s good domain to invest but I don’t own also .com or .net or …….. we can easily answer to this with the following.

In old days if any want to be-get high into search engines ranks of course he must registered .com or and .net domain name but

In our days search engines have new algorithms which work with very other way as was searching in the past.

Now search engines try to find you the best solution – domain name option – website  near to you

SO now search engines work like

if there is any town domain name-website  as like .nyc (for New York) into your town and has this website good content it will appear first (remember that town domains it’s not some useful but into short future will be)

secondly and most important will search  into country code and which is most closely to you this have to do more for products but not for news websites as e-today.us

of course also a good rank search always have to do with your content SEO etc.

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