WWE’s Carmella and Corey Graves have awkward sex ‘panda’ moment

WWE’s Carmella and Corey Graves have awkward sex ‘panda’ moment

This could make for some awkward quarantining later on.

During a recent Instagram Live, WWE stars Carmella and Corey Graves got candid about what does — and doesn’t — happen when the lights go out in lockdown.

“We’re an old-ass couple,” Carmella said, with 36-year-old Graves adding, “We actually went to bed.”

Graves continued to elaborate, stating he’s never related more to a panda in captivity than during the coronavirus crisis, veering the conversation in a quizzical direction.

“You know how people always complain that pandas don’t ever want to breed and mate when they’re in the zoo, cause they’re always just locked down and not into it? I feel like a panda in captivity,” Graves said, to which Carmella replied: “Thanks.”

While Graves, real name Matthew Polinsky, said he didn’t mean it negatively, simply referencing the environment, 32-year-old Carmella digressed.

“It sounds like a bad thing,” she responded.

As Carmella looked back at the screen, Graves continued to explain, “The other pandas are great, they’re perfectly attractive pandas. They’re great, and they’re fertile.”

Carmella then switched the conversation to “Schitt’s Creek” before picking up on a commenter’s response: “Men always have the worst way of saying things.”

“You’re basically saying that you don’t want to engage in sexual relations with me,” Carmella said. Graves then replied: “That’s not what I’m saying.”

Carmella, also known as Leah Van Dale, also joked about her relationship with Graves on Wednesday, posting a silly shot of the duo on Instagram.

“‘If you could sum up your relationship in one picture what would it be?’ Me:,” she wrote.

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