Yankees’ Aaron Boone opens up about Red Sox cheating scandal

Yankees’ Aaron Boone opens up about Red Sox cheating scandal

Aaron Boone saw his first season as Yankees manager end in a loss in the ALDS to the eventual World Series champion Red Sox — a team that was investigated for sign-stealing allegations and found guilty.

After MLB released its underwhelming punishment that resulted in only the loss of a second-round pick in this year’s amateur draft and the suspension of Boston’s then video-replay operator, Boone said he didn’t know what to think.

Asked by the YES Network on Thursday if the punishment fit the crime when it came to their rivals, Boone said: “I don’t know. Who knows exactly what went down? I do trust that Major League Baseball thoroughly investigated and got to the bottom of things as best they can. I feel like if that’s what they come up with, so be it. It’s time to move on.’’

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred and his investigators ruled Boston’s scheme was not nearly as damaging as the one executed by the Astros in 2017, which also resulted in a World Series victory, but also far steeper penalties after another investigation during the offseason.

The commissioner’s report said that Boston’s video-replay operator in 2018, J.T. Watkins, at times during that season, used the game feeds in the replay room “in violation of MLB regulations, to revise sign sequence information that he had permissibly provided to players prior to the game.’’

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Unlike the Astros, who used video and a trash can in the dugout to alert hitters of pitches while they were in the box, the Red Sox only used their system when a runner was on second base and could relay signs to the hitter.

Boston didn’t use its strategy as often as Houston did, which is among the reasons no players, members of their coaching staff or front office were punished. Boston manager Alex Cora, who “mutually parted ways” with the Red Sox following the findings from the Houston investigation, was penalized only for his role as Astros’ bench coach in 2017.

Despite the lack of real bite in the Red Sox situation, Boone said he is confident it will further deter teams from future cheating.

“I’m glad that we’re kind of through those situations,’’ Boone said. “Hopefully, as I’ve said all along and I do believe this, hopefully just as a sport we’ll be better moving forward knowing that you mess around and they’re coming for you. And I think that’s a good thing.”

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