Thermosudation, a new miracle method for losing weight?

By A Jul 1, 2023
Thermosudation, a new miracle method for losing weight?Thermosudation, a new miracle method for losing weight?

What is thermosudation?

Thermosudation is a slimming technique practiced in certain thalassotherapy centers or beauty salons. This is a simple process that involves placing yourself under an electric blanket. The electric blanket drastically increases the temperature of the whole body and causes profuse sweating.

This sweating flushes out toxins from your body, eliminates fat cells and reduces the appearance of cellulite. This practice therefore promotes weight loss by reducing body fat and getting rid of water retention. Additionally, excess sweating helps improve the appearance of the skin by eliminating cellulite.

Does thermosudation make it possible to lose weight?

The health benefits of sweating have long been proven. Sweat does contain toxins and fat residues. The fact of perspiration makes it possible to evacuate these undesirables and thus participates in the process of losing weight.

Thermosudation is a process that can therefore certainly promote the slimming of the body. In fact, thermosudation is a practice quite similar to Sauna or Hammam. The method for raising body temperature is different, but the effects on the body are similar. In reality, the thermo sudation blanket recreates conditions very similar to the sauna and the hammam.

The limits of thermosudation

However, diet and sport are two other even more important criteria for weight loss. Sweating is excellent for health and fitness, but it’s even better if you have a healthy lifestyle and if you have a calorie deficit. Sweating should be the icing on the cake. 

The first thing to do if you want to lose weight is to limit your calorie intake and increase your calorie expenditure. Indeed, if you spend more calories than you take in through food, your body will burn your fat reserves to produce energy and you will lose weight for sure.

Thermosudation alone cannot, in our opinion, produce truly significant results. If you want to lose several pounds, you will have to change your eating and sports habits in addition to thermosudation. Losing weight effortlessly is unfortunately a tenacious myth.

In addition, thermosudation represents a significant budget. In general, a session of thermosudation lasts between 30 and 45 minutes and the centers of thermosudation recommend at least ten sessions before being able to observe the first results.

Knowing that the session costs between 25 and 85€, the use of thermosudation can be extremely expensive. Saunas and steam rooms are much cheaper, more common, and are often included in some pool and gym packages.

Sweat clothes, an alternative to thermosudation

If you want to exercise to increase your calorie expenditure but want to significantly increase your sweating for all the benefits associated with sweating, there is a solution: wear sweat clothes while exercising.

Unlike thermal sweating, a sweat suit does not work on its own. You will have to make an effort to produce body heat, the role of the sweat suit will be to multiply the body heat released and to retain it between the fabric of the garment and your skin.

Not only are sweat suits a much cheaper alternative to thermosudation, but they will also force you to maintain physical activity. This sporting activity does not have to be very intense, for example you can walk wearing leggings or a sweat tank top.Design

Conclusion: our opinion on thermo sweating

To conclude, we believe that thermal sweating is a good way to benefit from the benefits of sweating. Thermo sweating is a valuable aid for weight loss but it cannot be enough on its own, especially if you plan to lose a lot of weight.

The best way to lose weight is to have a calorie deficit. For this, you must have a reasonable calorie intake and regular physical activity to burn a lot of calories and speed up your metabolism.

For us, the best way to benefit from the benefits of sweating and to optimize your chances of successful weight loss is to exercise while wearing a sweat suit. Just walk, jump rope, do jumping jacks… to trigger profuse sweating with a sweat t-shirt or sweat shorts.

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